how long did Gosling take to make?

nine months. it was actually conceived around the same time as #gosbaby.

how did you finance the project?

we reached $3,601 over our $4,000 kickstarter goal through support from family, friends, and strangers.

where did you get such an amazing idea?

one evening, the four of us (Jess, Donna, Rachel, and Chelsea) gathered around a phone and tried to decipher what a winky face could mean in a text message from a boy. the next morning, Donna came into class and said "there's something in that. what if a girl was texting a celebrity? what if she was texting Ryan Gosling?" and BOOM. 

what did you shoot on?

a Canon 5D.

how long was the shoot?

we shot all 10 episodes of Texting With Gosling in 5 days, and we shot in a VERY KIND AND WONDERFUL friend's apartment in North Austin, specifically Round Rock.

did you write collaboratively?

yes. we wrote the pilot, and the finale together. as for the other episodes, we would outline each episode together, and then one person would write the script. then, each of us rewrote the script. after we finished writing all 10 episodes, we rewrote every episode together, using our personal script rewrites for ideas.

what's your favorite part of the series?

Jess: I don't have a single favorite part, but I love that the characters of the series completely devolve into a hysterical feeding frenzy around texts, which peaks during Drunk Text and is only self-realized during Delete It. 

Rachel: Goldbluming (Ambiguous Text)

Donna: our actresses for me and how much life they bring to the characters.

Chelsea: the John Stamos speech

y'all did your own production design and props? damn! what's your favorite prop?

we all love the Stamos Shrine. 

what kind of production background do you ladies come from?

very limited, if any at all. Donna had the most experience with production and was often our guiding light.

do you dream of meeting Gosling?

who doesn't?